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Solar electric technology converts sunlight directly into electricity whenever sunlight strikes the solar electric modules. The amount of electricity produced by a system will vary. More electricity is generated when the light is most intense (a sunny day) and strikes the solar electric system’s modules directly (when the sun’s rays are perpendicular to the modules).

NJ Solar Electric Contractor

Solar PV (photovoltaic panels) System Design & Integration

Important News New Jersey Regarding Clean Energy
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
For Immediate Release: Contact: November 19, 2009 Doyal Siddell
Clean Energy Program’s Renewable Energy Manufacturing incentive aims to attract new business, create jobs, and advance energy and environmental goals

(NEWARK, NJ) – The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), through New Jersey’s Clean Energy ProgramTM, recently created new incentives to lower solar installation costs and to increase the New Jersey-based manufacturing of solar panels, inverters, and racking systems, creating “green jobs” in the Garden State.

The New Jersey Renewable Energy Manufacturing Incentive (REMI) offers consumers, businesses, and municipalities that purchase solar panels, inverters, and racking systems manufactured in New Jersey a rebate of up to 25 cents per watt for panels, and up to 15 cents per watt for inverters and racking systems. The REMI program is expected to grow New Jersey’s economy by providing $1 million in incentives to the state’s consumers, businesses, and municipalities over the coming months.

“The New Jersey Renewable Energy Manufacturing Incentive will expand and attract new clean energy manufacturing in New Jersey,” said BPU President Jeanne M. Fox. “It supports our environmental, energy, and economic development goals and helps establish New Jersey as a hub for the growing green economy.” To qualify for incentives under this program, applicants must use products manufactured with at least 50 percent of the product cost – including the labor, overhead, components, and raw materials – from facilities located in New Jersey. Products must also comply with applicable Underwriters Laboratory standards and be commercially available to the public. A yearly manufacturing audit will be performed to ensure continued manufacturing compliance. Organizations awarded a grant under New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s (NJEDA) Clean Energy Manufacturing Fund (CEMF) are automatically certified as a New Jersey manufacturer.

There has been a tremendous increase in the use of solar power in New Jersey over the last eight years. In 2001, there were six solar installations in New Jersey. Since then, New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program has invested over $274 million to promote solar energy through incentives to businesses, local governments and residents. As of October 31, 2009, there over 4,500 solar projects installed in the state, generating almost 110 megawatts of power. The New Jersey REMI will support state-based manufacturers in this burgeoning market.

One of the goals of New Jersey’s comprehensive Energy Master Plan is to supply 30 percent of New Jersey’s electric needs from renewable energy by 2020 and to invest in innovative clean energy technologies and businesses to stimulate growth and create jobs in the clean energy industry in New Jersey.

Additional information about the program and all of the business and residential incentives offered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program can be found at www.NJCleanEnergy.com or by calling 1-866-NJSMART (1-866-657-6278).
Solar Domestic Hot Water Pilot Program
New Jersey's Clean Energy Program™ launches the
Solar Domestic Hot Water Pilot Program

A $1,200 incentive is now available to New Jersey residents with electric hot water heating that install qualifying solar hot water systems to replace or to supplement their existing system.*

Save money and help the environment by using less fossil fuel!
A solar domestic hot water heating system is a reliable and efficient alternative for heating your hot water. It can provide a significant portion of your home’s water-heating needs, using electric water heating as a backup to the solar water heating system.*

Getting Started:

View the list of participating contractors or call 866-NJSMART.

Upon completion of the solar hot water system installation, your contractor will help you complete an application which you will submit, along with copies of the installation invoice and equipment specifications, so that we may process your incentive.

Upon receipt of the application, back-up documentation, and confirmation that the project meets the eligibility requirements, a $1,200 rebate will be processed for you. Rebates can either be issued to the customer or assigned to the contractor.

Selected Eligibility Requirements:

Solar hot water systems must be installed in homes serviced by Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), Atlantic City Electric (ACE), or Rockland Electric Company (RECO).
Systems must be purchased on or after September 9, 2009 and on or before December 31, 2009. Based on the participation levels of this pilot, the effective dates of the program may be extended.
In addition:

System and components (tanks and collectors) must be new components, OG-300 certified by SRCC, the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, a rating program developed to improve the performance and reliability of solar products and backed by a manufacturers warranty of 10 years for the solar collector and 6 years for the storage tank.
Completed systems must carry at least a 1 year comprehensive labor warranty from the date of installation.
Solar hot water systems must either replace or retrofit an existing electric hot water system in single family homes.
The contractor must provide customers with frost protection assurances and fail-safe freeze and overheat protection, which will help with extreme weather conditions.
Installed systems must meet all state and local plumbing, electric, and building codes, as well as local ordinances.
Rebates for purchase and installations meeting program requirements will be processed within 120 days after all application paperwork has been received.
*Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems do not generate Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and will not be registered on the SREC tracking system.
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