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NJ Residence range hood exhaust installation. Floor restoration and finishing. We dust free sand floors and stairways at residential and commercial properties in NJ. House and Business painting in NJ. We scrape and paint garages, metal railings, dog houses, and others in New Jersey. Bath Tub and Faucet replacement in Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Morris, Union, Middlesex, Somerset County, New Jersey. Wooden garage door being scraped of old paint and repainted in Bloomfield, Wayne, Clifton, Paterson, Linden, Elizabeth NJ. Waterproofing using concrete based water proofer for NJ residence and businesses. We do Carpentry work done in Northern New Jersey.

We fix & waterproof concrete walls

We install exhaust ventilations for that extra strong cooking!

We restored this ordinary but beautiful Clifton, New Jersey circa 1920 house in all its glamor. New plumbing, electrical, insulation, high speed ethernet & video outlets, waterproofing, interior/exterior painting, and custom marble/granite now complement it's original beauty.
Who would have thought that "Alligator Snout" water spouts with hot & cold water controls still exist today.
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From garages, awnings, to rusted basement doors and railings with peeling old paint, we scrape and paint anew .

We marble and we marble, no area too small or too large. From simple to grand designs, tell us your wish. This small bathroom was renovated with a shower to maximize space available. Behind this bathroom picture is a small kitchen with linoleoum floor in the process of being marbled.
Who says this rotted old decorative cupola couldn't be saved.
We have the knack for installing tiles in the most ackward and warped places imaginable. Now imagine what we can do to ones that are straight.
We planted these blossoming fruit trees and of course installed the fence alongside it.

Home Repair/Remodeling in Clifton, New Jersey

Bathroom and kitchen renovation in New Jersey. We are licensed and insured as a Home Improvement Contractor in NJ. We install and service fences as well as plant and prune trees and shrubs in New Jersey.

All Photographs Shown Here Were For Work Done In Clifton Alone. However, We Work All Over NJ.

We repair or replace damage ceiling in New Jersey. We repair and renovate defective wood stairs and brick steps in Clifton, Woodland Park, Lodi, Garfield, Roselle, Hackensack NJ.
We fix ugly steps: an example of this is a rear entrance at a residence in the Dutch Hill area of Clifton. Let our expertise in brickwork help you achive the desired result you want at a reasonable price. We get the necessary permit at no cost to you, save for the fee charged by the municipality.
Ceilings repaired and insulated in NJ. Let us remodel your attic, kitchen, bathroom, or office at your residence or business. "An Artistic Architectural Tour de Force!" exclaimed Jeffery Clark, M.A., Ph.D., a retired History Professor at a major Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Handymen of America has turned this plain attic used only for storing junk into part of small house's living space to entertain, play, and as an audio/video room for serious listening and viewing. Fully insulated using a combination of rafter channels, fiberglass mats, and a space age energy reflecting paint, it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The wooden roof framing were restructured to make it more stronger and less obstrusive, and the lower part of the roof line designed to fit leftover cluttered junk. This is absolutely an example on how to transform wasted space into highly desired space. Notice that it is also ready to accomodate two large skylights to give it that added ambience. Karaoke anyone?
Handyman of America
Handymen of America
Handymen of America Inc, New Jersey Oil and Gas ---- All Rights Reserved.
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Handy Men of America Inc.

Gallery of Home Repair - Remodeling - Clifton, New Jersey

Dust Free Floor Sanding... We do flooring repairs, sand floors dust free and varnish to perfection!

We paint from a doghouse to mansions and buildings too.

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