Sometimes you are plague with a dripping faucet, a rusted fixture, or may have seen a chandelier or electric fan you really like, we at Handymen of America will repair, replace or install it for you.

But that is not all we do. While we are handymen, and can virtually fix or install anything in your home or business, we are also a licensed home improvement contractor.

Home repairs are just one aspect of our business. Handymen of America will do home improvement for new homes and renovation for older homes. Your place of Business is also our area of expertise.
Examples of our work: complete basement finishing that includes framing, electrical & plumbing, insulation, flooring, entranceways, ceiling, fireproofing, a home office or an office away from home.

We construct, install, or repair steps, brick work, floors and walls.

We specialize in customized marble and granite work, railings, trims.

We install lamps, lights and all sorts of electrical such as Ethernet and other high speed wiring, to designer kitchens and bath.

Home repair work is one of our specialties. Handymen of America does interior/exterior patching, painting, drywall, partitions, waterproofing of masonry, garden work including landscaping, tree cutting or pruning, and trimming of shrubs.

We install arbors, gates and fences of all types.
Handymen of America
Home Improvement & Repairs

We do phenomenal repair work at reasonable prices!

"We take the utmost care in servicing and maintenance of your residence or place of business. We listen to your needs and desire, and try to accommodate them in whatever way we can"

"Handymen of America specializes in Home Repair and Home improvement, as well as Energy Conservation"

We are not only a premier Home Improvement Contractor in New Jersey, but also a Solar Electric Power Integrator!

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We help "Power America Green with Clean Renewable Solar Energy"

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