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We offer Technical support at a reasonable price. We are trained in UNIX, OS2, CTOS and other operating systems. We are system hardware trained in computer mainframes and peripheral equipment. We are solar services and design professionals. We do conversions to digital imaging of x-ray equipment from film. We install high-speed cabling, routers, etc.

We have over thirty years' experience in Technical Electronics, Computer Technology, Electro-mechanics, Electronic Communications, and hold many certifications: NATE (North American Technician Excellence), A+ in computing, Dell System Expert, Desktop computing, FCC second class license for Radio Broadcasting Transmitter repair, etc.

Search Engine Optimization is also our specialty where we are experts on mending Meta and content. We help you compete by allowing the power of billions of dollars in search engine investment by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft bring you customers.

Just tell us what you want done and if we do it, consider it expertly done!

Joseph Routis, General Manager
NJ Contractor License No. 13VH04670800
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